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September 11

15 Year Anniversary

The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center

Remember . . . Rebuild . . . Apprehend


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I created this website just after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in the United States. The purpose of the site was to help ensure that we rebuilt the Twin Towers exactly as they were, if not better and higher. The site also served as a general anti-terrorism site, and had a small body of such resources, as well as a message board. I am proud to report that this site, 110Again.org, and some of its most important original content was published in the New York Times magazine on September 07, 2003, in a piece by James Traub.

After several years I terminated the site, but in April 2015 I decided to renew it, shifting its focus somewhat to create a general anti-terrorism portal, updating the site to help address the terrorism of today. The present terror centers principally around the vicious group ISIS or Islamic State, as well as the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

110Again.org is now live again as of right now, Wednesday, April 29, 2015, at approximately 9:15 am. I'm going to keep the material pertaining to rebuilding the Towers as it was, as well as any other of the old material that may still be relevant in some way.

If you find the site and its resources useful, and thus wish to see the site remain live and indeed even grow, please make a donation to support me in this work. I'm working against the odds, so it's important that you do. You'll find a PayPal button, below, along with further information on donating. Thanks.

110 Again - 8 Reasons


Did Incalculable Damage to the World.
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Did Incalculable Damage to the Western Alliance.
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Before He Destroys the World.
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The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were 110 stories high, and each floor, to the very top, was functional and occupied by people.  The rebuilt Trade Center should feature a new set of towers of no less than 110 usable stories.  Here are eight reasons:

  1. Residents and visitors alike, over many years, have gotten used to a New York skyline characterized by two 110-story towers. They are now traumatized at the conspicuous absence of those great and familiar structures, especially in the context of their destruction.
  2. New York City, considered "The greatest city in the world," should have a pair of 110 story buildings scraping the sky, metaphorically reaching for greatness!
  3. Arguably, a lesser build allows terrorists, in effect, to control the character of our skyline, and by extension our city--and our psyche.
  4. Relatedly, the structures must be as they were as a firm thumb in the eye to the perpetrators of September 11, and to those who would emulate them.
  5. The Towers were rightly considered a symbol of American greatness and success; part of their great symbolism was their towering and majestic height. If not restored, the full integrity of the symbol is not restored.
  6. The dual action of apprehending the perpetrators and fully restoring the physical damage and destruction they caused, sends them the message that:  you simply can't harm us, and you'll be arrested and convicted if you try.
  7. A mere partial restoration of the Towers insults and does injury to the mammoth body of persons and workers that, in the aggregate, labored to design and construct the World Trade Center and its Towers.
  8. Put simply, 110 stories is what we had there since 1970 when the structure accepted its first tenants. Why should it no longer be there, just as it was?

If you agree, do this:

  1. Call your senator, and both congressman, and as many New York officials as you can, to voice your opinion.  Be sure to call both New York Senators.
  2. Sign the various petitions circulating in favor of this proposal, such as the one sponsored by Team Twin Towers.
  3. Since this site, 110again.org, links to that and other relevant organizations, spread our link as widely as possible.

Let us accept no less than the original 110 usable stories that comprised the Twin Towers! Let's build the critical mass of people necessary to ensure a 110-story rebuild.  Please visit the following sites to learn more about, and show your support for, this initiative.

(There are several different petitions.  Search for "Twin Towers.")

Team Twin Towers (Dead link now. Keeping it here for historical value.)

New WTC 2002 - A Proposal For Rebuilding (Dead link now. Keeping it here for historical value.)

The World Trade Center Restoration Movement

Vote To Rebuild the New York World Trade Center (Dead link now, again. Keeping it here for historical value.)

September 11 Chronicles & Accounts

The September 11 Digital Archive

The September 11 Photo Project



We must now focus on defeating ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State and Al Qaeda. The more I learn about ISIS, the more I realize that IT IS ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE THAT WE DEFEAT THIS BARBARIC, EXPLICITLY EVIL, AND FATALLY MISGUIDED GROUP, and end its R.O.T. (REIGN OF TERROR). Imagine a criminal organization that is a combination of the Mafia and the Nazis--this is ISIS. In reading the article cited below, What ISIS Really Wants, one realizes just how irrational and sick its beliefs really are.

Baghdadi, Caliphate declared by ISIS

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISIS caliph (i.e. supreme leader). I really wish this as***le would shut his big loud bombastic talking mouth.

My wish notwithstanding, is this man a brother in our human family, and as such do I love him? Yes, and
yes. But is he presiding over a raft of daily unspeakable atrocities, and must he and his group be stopped at all costs? Yes, and yes. It was recently revealed that this man kept an American aid worker as a sex slave, leading to her death.

Why do I make it a point to underscore that this man, perpetrator of actions heinous, merciless, and unspeakable, and faux-theological master of ceremonies and overseer for many others committed by many others, is a brother in our human family? Because the global adoption of the love ethic is the only thing that will save this world, whether from the scourge of ISIS or any other errant and transgressive force large or small, and thus in our comprehensible rush to put an end to the catastrophe of ISIS and similar phenomenon, it is very easy to completely lose sight of whatever acquaintance, understanding, and embrace of the love ethic that we hold, which is not much in the first place. It is precisely in the face of the tragic behavior of fatally misguided brothers such as this man, above, that we must hold and act upon our commitment to love.

If we don't, phenomenon such as ISIS, and perhaps worse, will continue, in addition to all manner of lesser evils and moral compromises. Remember: "In a world without love, anything can and does happen." (phrase Copyright 2015 Vincent Frank De Benedetto).

Statement by an ISIS spokesman


"What Isis Really Wants"

by Graeme Wood

"We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women," Adnani, the spokesman, promised in one of his periodic valentines to the West. "If we do not reach that time, then our children and grandchildren will reach it, and they will sell your sons as slaves at the slave market."

Organizations & Bodies

U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)

Jane's Information Group

Terrorism: Watch & Warning

War on Terror at About.com

The 11 September War on Terror Portal

U.S. Citizen Corps


ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State


December 04, 2015: San Bernardino attacker pledged allegiance to Islamic State leader, officials say

November 13, 2015: Paris Attacks Kill More Than 100, Police Say; Border Controls Tightened

February 05, 2015: Jordan hits Islamic State with airstrikes as king visits family of pilot burned alive

August 19, 2015: Syria says Islamic State Militants Beheaded A Noted Archaeologist

ISIS Held Kayla Mueller, U.S. Aid Worker, as Sex Slave Before Fatal Airstrike

ISIS Enshrines a Theology of Rape

"Is This the End of Christianity in the Middle East? ISIS and other extremist movements across the region are enslaving,
killing and uprooting Christians, with no aid in sight."

"ISIS Claims Link to Shooting at Texas Event Showing Muhammad Cartoons"

"Escaping ISIS," an essential Frontline Documentary



December 03, 2015: Itís time to end the Islamic State

For a short-term solution, this is a good plan. Long-term solution requires a cultural change. See introductory content above and below on brotherly love, or agape.


On October 11, 2002, the New York Times published a report at once illuminating and disturbing:  in a session with interrogators last December in Kabul, John Walker Lindh, the so-called "American Taliban," said that a "close associate" of Mr. bin Laden named Hakeen At-Taizzi told him that "there should have been five planes used" on Sept. 11 (not just the four that were actually used), "the fifth targeting the White House."

Perhaps even more shockingly, Mr. Lindh said he had heard that 50 people, Al Qaeda operatives, were sent to the United States to commit 20 suicide operations, and that "15 more operations were pending."

Here are links to several sites which specialize in news and commentary on military and security affairs, including terrorism, generally, and Al Qaeda, specifically.  Remember--it's you and me they're trying to kill!  Stay informed!


Through his unauthorized disclosure of massive amounts of United States classified security information, this traitor did incalculable damage not only to the security of the United States, his home country, but as the November 14, 2015 attacks on Paris demonstrate, the larger world. Loose lips sink ships.

If Edward Snowden was upset about the privacy posture of the United States as he has asserted as the reason for his large-scale public disclosures, he could have registered this concern in some other, more productive way, that would not be devastating to our national security, and the life and limb of our espionage personnel. He states that he tried this or that it was impossible.

Alright, not to disappoint those who are as angry and outraged as I am over this man's grossly misguided deeds, but I don't actually advocate hanging him, although I acknowledge that the law of the land does call for it, as I understand.

But this man should be punished, that punishment to comprise or include a period of restriction of movement, perhaps ten years no-parole prison time, followed by three years house arrest.


...before he and it continue to destroy us. The latest revelations, today, March 07, 2017, that Assange released highly classified CIA files and documents is just the latest serious assault upon the integrity and security of the United States. And a weak America means a weak West.

This idiot must be stopped at all costs.

This is not to say that every objective or perspective of Assange is wrong. I haven't studied them all. But his methodology is absolutely unacceptable. U.S. allies must assist us, and assist themselves, in arresting and extraditing this political criminal and ne'er-do-well.

julian assange

Julian Assange. Why isn't this man serving a long prison sentence?


This writer voted for Donald J. Trump. However, since his entry into office, this man has and continues to display such ignorance, ego, and downright peculiar behavior, in combination with continuing allegations of ties to Vladimir Putin and Russia, that he appears discernibly unfit for this unique, powerful, and categorically influential office.

Or consider, for example, Mr. Trump's utterly incredible and indeed patently unbelievable exhortation, publicly stated during at least one of his televised campaign debates, to Russia that it spy on Hillary Clinton to see what could be revealed. He was explictly and publicly asking a foreign power, a historical enemy, in fact, to infiltrate not just a United States citizen, but an American having held a series of high-level governmental positions, including First Lady and Secretary of State. This invitation, alone, could have easily been interpreted as what it is:  treason.

And then there's the small matter of Mr. Trump's continuing insult and de facto repudiation of our various American intelligence agencies and personnel--his own (and our) employees.

Or consider the news reported just today, March 22, 2017, that Paul Manafort, closely linked to Donald Trump, had a contract with Russian oligarch Vladimir Putin to advance the interests of he and Russia, over those of democratic elements in Europe and the United States. And the associated news that the plank in the Republican party platform as presented at its national convention, that supported Ukraine over its invader Russia, was removed. Why?

Or consider, again, Donald Trump's recent incredible declaration about health care: "Who knew that health care could be so complicated?" Well, Mr. Trump, since during your campaign you so categorically trumpeted that you'd be replacing the Affordable Care Act wholesale, one would have thought that YOU would have had a thorough grasp of the complex character of this issue. Donald Trump obviously knows literally nothing about U.S. or world history, politics, political theory, or government. Nor do I see a proper integrity to his loyalty to this country, as he also appears loyal to various other loci of global economic and political power, especially Vladimir Putin and Russia.

Which, by the way, is consistent with the traditional Marxist view that there are just two classes in global capitalist society, the 1.) ruling class (of which Donald Trump is a member), which is persons who own capital like manufacturing and service corporations, and 2.) the working class, which includes everyone else (no matter how highly paid), which is all persons owning no capital and thus forced to seek employment from the ruling class. Most of the people on this planet are in this latter, "working," class. This is a more precise, and thus powerful and helpful, formulation than the prevailing 1%/99%. This Marxist view further observes, as Brother Donald's apparent allegiance to Vladimir Putin suggests, that persons in the ruling class across nations cohere better, are more loyal to, and have more in common with each other, than they do with persons in the working class, though persons in this latter group may come from the same country as the member of the ruling class in question. Using the power of this kind of Marxist analysis, Trump's allegiance to Putin over the United States becomes comprehensible.

And it should be noted that this perspective, though its adherents are generally not aware of its origin, is now characteristic of many segments of the United States and global populations, whether Marxist or not, radical or not, or left-leaning or not. Listeners of Coast-to-Coast AM, for example, an immensely popular overnight radio program whose politics, though somewhat eclectic, have a generally discernible right-ward and libertarian cast, are thoroughly familiar and, indeed, in agreement with the claim that there is an "illuminati," a partially hidden global ruling class pulling the strings of the global order. I would amend their view somewhat by noting that the ruling class is really not that hidden; the owners of capital are relatively easy to identify (nor do I believe, as a few conspiracy theorists assert, that this ultimate ruling group is extra-terrestrial).

In sum, before Donald Trump starts World War III, or blindly assists planet Earth in slipping completely into the wrenching and irreversible dislocations and fractures caused by climate change, climaxing in the utter devastation of this planet, we must impeach and remove this man from the Presidency of the United States of America. I declare and assert this as a Trump voter and largely a social conservative.

Please read my complete 12-point impeachment essay and polemic here.

Please contact Senator John McCain, whom I recently heard referred to as our last cold warrior, to apprise him that you support his critique and associated efforts to counter Donald Trump.

And let us remember that yes, Donald Trump is our brother in our one human family, and we love him. But this does not mean that he should be the President of the United States.


If you read articles like this, you realize and learn that, in good measure, what created the Islamic State in the first place was the incompetence in Iraq of the United States, as well as the Iraqi government. Also critical to read to understand the formation and rise of ISIS is this piece. Learn the major American role.

One learns, for example, that in de-Baathifying the Iraqi army, with one pen stroke the United States left 400,000 army personnel with no jobs and no income. Where did they go? Many joined ISIS. In fact, as I understand it, essentially the entire top military stratum of ISIS is comprised of former top Iraqi officers and strategists--which is why ISIS captured large swaths of land in Iraq and Syria with such relative speed and facility.

Thanks, George W. Bush. And even more to the point: thanks, my fellow Americans for electing as President of the United States, twice, an individual whose intellectual incompatibility with that job was so evident.

Unfortunately, the stupidity and incompetence that I experience every day in many areas of American life applies to our military and political decisions, as well.

Agitate For Change Through Word & Deed -- Not Murder & Massacre

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About this Site

I am Vincent Frank De Benedetto, writer, philosopher, musician, Agape Master, silence activist, health educator, and the creator and author of this site, 110Again.org. The heinous and dastardly actions taken on September 11, 2001 by those 18 sad and grossly-misguided individuals depressed and outraged me. So affected was I, that I commissioned the creation of a six-foot lawn sign which I placed on my front lawn and kept there for a long time. The sign read:  "Terrorists - Shame on You." You may think my admonition tepid; certainly there was overtly harsher language I could have chosen. However, though less fashionable now, the concept of "shame" is a powerful one. If one feels shame, or does something shameful, the implication is that the action violated a boundary of behavior relevant to the welfare of another human being, usually resulting in the experiencing of hurt, pain, or suffering by that person. Shame, therefore, points to, and reminds us of, what the relationship between people is supposed to be. It reminds us of how we are supposed to orient ourselves to other human beings, and how we're supposed to treat them. Insofar as this is true, this concept goes generally to the heart of why the crimes committed on September 11 were so wrong:  because they obliterated one or more legitimate moral and social boundaries, they caused untold suffering to other human beings. Their actions grossly and crudely ignored the principle I term:  "the gravity of human suffering."

Secondarily, I selected the above-described wording for my lawn sign because there are children in my neighborhood, and I didn't want them exposed to a vicious and hateful kind of expression, no matter how strongly such language might seem justified. Ultimately, we must exercise great caution and forbearance in thinking any thought, speaking any word, or committing any deed which unwittingly nudges us toward the kind of blackness of heart, mind, and soul that motivated the actions taken by the 18 terrorists. We're supposed to be the good guys, but remaining so can become an exercise in futility unless we continually examine the content and character of our own heart, mind and soul. We must prevent hatred, whether blind or deliberate, from creeping in. The content of my lawn sign, this web site, and my own anger notwithstanding, I believe the continuing effort to adhere to the revered and historic principle of love, the love ethic, is essential, in allowing us to prevent the human heart from ever reaching the depth of corruption manifest and exemplified on September 11, 2001. Of course, these sentiments do not obviate apprehension and punishment for the participants.

At almost 57 years of age I am a social conservative, save one issue:  our basic mode of social organization as human beings. I've been opposed to capitalism since about 1987, and after almost 57 years of life on planet Earth, all of which as a United States citizen living in the United States, I am more opposed to capitalism than ever before. As my father, who was very politically savvy, used to say of the system (well before Bernie Sanders): "It's all rigged." However, it is important to understand that neither do I advocate autocratic, often dictatorial systems such as China, Cuba, the former USSR, etc., that did and do clothe their social, economic, and ideological insanity in the garb of "socialism" and "communism." I think most of us on some level understand that their so-called "socialism" and "communism" has and had almost nothing to do with these alternative kinds of systems as properly and accurately understood. You will find no sympathy or endorsement whatever in any of my work for such figures as Lenin, Mao, or Guevara. In fact, I openly and deliberately repudiate and castigate such characters.

And by the way, I have never heard Barack Obama (whom I did not vote for) advocate anything other than capitalism; thus, by definition he is not a "socialist" (as he is not advocating actual socialism) as some of my fellow conservatives continue to inaccurately assert. The former President is a pro-capitalist Democrat with some liberal and some moderate tendencies. Let's get our political theory right, shall we? How do we properly manage our democracy if we don't?

I created this site, 110Again.org, because I believe that all of us on this planet are brothers and sisters in one human family. And like you, I simply cannot brook one group of human beings doing to another group of human beings what those eighteen terrorist idiots did to this country, to the individuals in the towers, some of whom were Muslim by the way, and to the world through their heinous, illogical, immoral, and frankly absurd actions on September 11, 2001. My anti-terrorist effort is meant to try to stem this tide, which in the year 2015 with the advent of ISIL, perhaps the most vicious and ultimately misguided group of brothers and sisters in the history of our human family, is growing worse than ever.

This site, congruent with my belief in the love ethic, which embodies the age-old ideal of brotherly love, also seeks to show that such problems can be resolved through use of the power of love, properly understood. This is not to say that aggression and violence are unnecessary. Sometimes they are. If someone swings at you, swinging back, or at least blocking their punch is not only right, proper, and moral, it is an act of self-love. And without love of self, our greater effort to love everyone else will be incomplete. It is, in fact, this failure to understood the true power of love that is responsible for the reputation of love as a weak, passive, wishy-washy philosophy when in fact it is anything but. In my opinion, Brotherly Love is the most powerful social force available to humankind. Though baptized a Christian, I am now an Agapist, a believer in Agape [ugg AH pay], which is "Brotherly Love" in the language of Greek philosophy. Indeed, if you are a Christian this commitment to love is supposed to be a large part of your point of view, as well, as the Second Great Commandment of Christ categorically is: love your neighbor.

This is also one of the principal reasons that I oppose capitalism: I don't think it can ever permit a full flowering of love between people. Its laws and rules of operation are simply too rigid and defined in favor of producing profit, as opposed to unequivocally addressing people's needs. Those of you closely acquainted with how capitalism actually works already know this, whether you advocate it or not. I don't think that Jesus Christ would have been a big advocate of free enterprise, especially in its present, 21st century, hypercapitalism variety. I believe that the other factor responsible for the lion's share of the problems of the world and the individuals within it is human ego, in its negative manifestation.

These are all interesting, relevant, and powerful notions and concepts that, of course, invite and indeed require discussion and debate. Once my guestbook or bulletin board is emplaced here we can do this.

In any case, I encourage your use of my resources at this site, regardless of your view of capitalism. But if you wish to take one step further, to know and understand the creator and author of this site, you're going to have to click your mind fully to the "ON" position, as I am something of a complex individual, or at least someone with a hybrid belief system.

Thanks for reading, and for trying from the standpoint of our better selves to negotiate these many issues that we in the year 2017 are called upon to thoughtfully address.

Contact me at onehumanfamily @ fastmail.net. In addressing your email, omit both spaces.

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LOVE ETHIC - The Ancient Principle of Brotherly Love