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Vincent Frank De Benedetto Original Content Reprinted by Sunday New York Times

I created this website just after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in the United States. The purpose of the site was to help ensure that we rebuilt the Twin Towers exactly as they were, if not better and higher. The site also served as a general anti-terrorism site, and had a small body of such resources, as well as a message board. I am proud to report that this site, 110Again.org, and some of its most important original content was published in the New York Times magazine on September 07, 2003, in a piece by James Traub.

That content remained resident on that New York Times web site for over 10 years, but was eventually removed. However, to view this content, the Times citation of this website, 110Again.org, and reprint of my corresponding original content, please scroll, or simply read, all the way to the bottom of screen capture #2, below, to the last paragraph, starting with the word "Photo." You'll see this site, 110Again.org, explicitly referenced, along with an abridged version of my 110 Again - Eight Reasons, all just as it was originally published in the September 07, 2003 edition of the Sunday New York Times.

110 Again - 8 Reasons, snap #1

NYT Traub Piece, section #1

110 Again - 8 Reasons, snap #2

NYT Traub Piece, section #2

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